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tiv is a proprietary phycocyanin extract from Spirulina, 100% a natural and a highly nutritious micro salt water plant.

Phycocyanin is the blue pigment in blue-green algae and is a potent active compound proven to help balance and calm whole-body inflammation associated with physical activity.

Backed by Science

Cyactiv is the result of 7 years of research and development  includesing  4 human clinical trials and  a number of  in-vitro studies.


A recent dose study confirmed that consumption of Cyactiv was safe and not associated with any side-effects linked to stomach, heart, kidney or liver function.

The key benefits of Cyactiv are

  • It has been demonstrated that Cyactiv has a balanced a healthy inflamatory response to associated physical activity.
  • Wellness is supported  by Cyactiv’s support capacity of nutrients, oxygen and stem cells allows it to help rejuvenate tissues in need of renewal.