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Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are rapidly developing areas of Adult Stem Cell investigation. There are many types of sports injuries and people are looking to help their body using what nature and science are sharing.

Those enjoying team sports, athletes and gymnasts all want to stay in peak condition for as many years as possible.

Certainly we can wait until something goes wrong, like an injury or we can give the body what it wants.

Our natural stem cell release drops as we age, we have 100% as babies but have lost a third in our thirties. You guess that old people don’t have many stem cells to work with and you would be right.

Studies show, stem cells can form cartilage and bone-Science  (world leading journal of original scientific research) 284,143147: 2 Apr 1999.

Bone marrow stem cells can form liver, skin and digestive tract cells- New England Journal of Medicine 346, 738-746 7 Mar 2002.

Many more studies are available, please e-mail me for those.

Cerule has 3 revolutionary products, which share the ultimate stem cell support, Balance whole body inflammation associated with physical activity along with joint support, and support vascular health. For more information on these products are head over to the products section or visit http://2AgeLess.com.

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